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Welcome to Interiortist, where your vision for a perfect space comes to life. Led by Karla Bartolone, our Miami-based studio specializes in transforming residential and commercial interiors with a blend of creativity, functionality, and personalized style.
We embrace your unique aesthetic
At Interiortist, we seamlessly blend functionality with style to bring your vision to life. Our interior design studio fully embraces your unique aesthetic, guiding and managing your project from initial concept to the final housewarming celebration.


Sometimes you have to be a bit brave to cross the boundary of the normal and live in a dream world. Pick up a bolt of fabric and make the world a softer place.


Meet Karla Bartolone, a visionary artist and creative dreamer. Passionate about fashion, food, hairstyles, and most importantly, home decor, Karla has always had an eye for trends. Growing up, she took every opportunity to infuse creativity into her surroundings, decorating not only her own spaces but also adding personal touches to her family and friends' homes.

From a young age, Karla dreamed of creating incredible interiors. She started by collecting snapshots (albeit of poor quality) of the spaces she transformed, driven by an innate desire to design. Her friends and acquaintances frequently sought her advice on decorating tips, best places to buy home items, color selection, and space planning.

However, these casual consultations often left her feeling frustrated, as they were rarely taken seriously. Karla realized that to truly make an impact, she needed to establish herself as a professional. Embracing her passion for trends and her unique approach to design, she decided to take the leap and start her own interior design venture.

Inspired by the idea that "coffee is a hug in a mug," Karla's mission is to create cozy, carefree, and inviting homes for all budgets and styles. She believes that a well-designed space should echo the warmth and comfort of a heartfelt embrace. Aligning with her clients' individual styles and needs, she strives to deliver personalized and heartfelt design solutions.

And thus, Interiortist was born—a place where dreams of beautiful interiors become a reality. Karla's dedication to her craft and her clients ensures that every project is a reflection of genuine passion and creativity.




Decorating a space can feel overwhelming with all the decisions that need to be made. At Interiortist, we simplify this process for you. By embracing your unique style, we manage every aspect of the project, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here’s a look at our range of services.